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Prices - Ape Tactical Gunsmithing and Sales


My hourly rates are listed below. The price will vary by job and condition of the firearm being repaired or personal service being rendered. If the customer does not provide ammunition for testing then each round required will be billed at prevailing market prices.

Shop Labor DescriptionsPrice*
Inspect firearm and prepare written quote$35
Maintenance, cleaning & inspectionStarting at $45*
Repair work – Jamming, Broken & Missing Parts, Gun Reassembly, Poor Cycling, etc.Starting at $55* + parts
Gunsmithing – Installing sights, trigger jobs, installing chokes, re-barreling, cut & crown, recoil pads, float stock, stock bedding, pillar bedding, install sling swivels, boresighting & more!Starting at $65* Price varies by job & condition of the firearm
Minimum charge$45
Labor first half hour$45
Labor each hour$70
Initial Home Purchase Consultation/Evaluation Onsite
1/2 Hour – (Bristol/Kingsport/Johnson City)
Personal Training/Home Security EvaluationsStarting at $75*
* prices are subject to change depending on actual inspection and scope of work.