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Safety Inspections - Ape Tactical Gunsmithing and Sales

Safety Inspections

We check your entire firearm for proper function, broken parts, & wear including:

  • Lockup system to include engagement, loose breach, & headspace
  • Fire control system (trigger, trigger bar, sear, disconnector, hammer, cylinder stop, hand, rebound lever, transfer bar, etc.)
  • Fire control timing (certain models)
  • Safeties (manual, automatic, firing pin, drop, etc.)
  • Cylinder, cylinder gap, & ratchet pads (revolvers)
  • Feeding Mechanism
  • Ejector
  • Extractor
  • Gas & piston systems
  • Springs
  • Firing Pin
  • Barrel
  • Magazines
  • Sites
  • Grips
  • Stock
  • Frame
  • Attached accessories