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About Us - Ape Tactical Gunsmithing and Sales

About Us

Owner/Operator Alan Dodson was born into the military in 1950 in Galveston, TX. His dad, David W. Dodson was an engineering petty officer in the U.S. Navy during WWII and served with distinction. Following the war, David left the Navy and shortly thereafter joined the U.S.C.G. becoming one of the most talented and respected Chief Petty Officers in the Coast Guard. He retired in 1967 with 22 years of service and as a Master Chief. He was offered the first Master Chief of the Coast Guard position but decided to retire instead. Alan joined the Coast Guard in 1969 and served as a Communications-Electronics Technician specializing in Communications and Cryptography.

Alan grew up living all across America as a military dependant and learned so many mechanical and repair skills from his dad. He also hunted and fished a lot with his dad whenever possible, and always looked forward to summer vacation in Arkansas and with his grandfather in Missouri. Alan had tinkered with guns his whole life, an expert marksman in the military and in civilian life with a variety of firearms as well. Maintaining and repairing all the family’s guns gave him a lot of background experience. Since the pandemic hit his consulting business pretty much ceased to exist so he went to work taking many formal gunsmithing lessons and hands on and virtual training.

As our country is now in crisis with far too many people wanting a socialist lifestyle and so many patriots wanting to defend our Constitution, the time was right to open Ape Tactical. This is much more than a gunsmithing business, Alan will be doing firearms consulting, helping people that want to arm themselves make the right decisions about purchasing without being pressured by a “salesman” just looking to sell anything to anyone without regard for it being properly matched to the person and their skills level. At some point in the near future we will begin to sell some new and renewed firearms. We are also looking into licensing for the sales of silencers and other NFA restricted items. (View More under “Services”)